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Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica.

Curatoría Forense is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to contemporary art practices in Latin America. Its activities begun in 2005 in Santiago de Chile. At start the organization emerged so as to cover a flaw regarding exhibitive possibilities for young Chilean contemporary artists, who were not able to participate in the established art institutions. At that time, the main mission was to research on the curatorial field establishing a horizontal relationship between the producer and the curator in order to create new capabilities for aesthetic experimentation.

Since 2009 Curatoría Forense turned into a nomadic organization that focuses and carries out research on the processes of emergence and consolidation of peripheral local contemporary art scenes in the Latin America.

This shift implied the innovation in the methodology as well as in the production of texts and activities in order to understand how contemporary art occurs in communities that have a lack of resources and weak cultural policies. To this effect, Curatoría Forense became a vector between different scenes, developing collaborative projects.

We encourage the generation of thought, knowledge and interaction focusing on the triangulation of contemporary art and debate with different communities.

Our goal is to test -on facts and on ideas- the diagrams and hypothesis that we generate.

Our mission is to build a network in order to create and consolidate affective and effective relationships with art and cultural practitioners along the continent.



Jorge Sepúlveda T. (b. 1971 Chile). Independent curator and art critic. He has curated and advised more than 25 solo and group exhibitions of South American visual artists. In 2005 he created the Working Group Curatoría Forense, having been the editor of the Digital Magazine of Arts and Social Sciences Sepiensa between 2000 and 2006 ( He has lectured and given seminars on contemporary visual arts, art circuit, public cultural policies, artistic and social imaginary and contemporary art autonomous initiatives at various institutions and spaces of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. His texts have been published in various media. Among them: Documenta 12 Magazine, SalonKritik , artenlinea, ArteyCrítica Plus Magazine and Alzaprima. He is founding member and coordinator of the Network of Autonomous Contemporary Art Initiatives – Latinamerica ( 2013 he founded, together with Ilze Petroni, the publishing project of Curatoría Forense, editing in 2013 the book of the Meeting for Autonomous Contemporary Visual Arts Initiatives and Official Writing. Essays on cultural and art policies by the Chilean curator and critic Justo Pastor Mellado.

Between November 2009 and November 2014, was  Coordinator of Curatoría Forense Ilze Petroni (b. 1976 Argentina). Contemporary Art Researcher and Ph.D in Arts from the National University of Córdoba (UNC).

Curatora Forense - Latinoamrica

Curatoría Forense es un grupo multidisciplinario de trabajo dedicado al arte contemporáneo en Latinoamérica desde 2005, orientada a la construcción de una red a partir de la creación y consolidación de relaciones afectivas y efectivas y la promoción de la producción y circulación de conocimiento e interacciones con el objetivo de triangular arte contemporáneo y debate con la comunidad.
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Convocatoria abierta al programa
Residencias de Investigación de Arte
- São Paulo, Brasil.
junio - julio 2018

São Paulo, Brasil.

VADB - comunidad de Arte Contemporneo Latinoamericano   Editorial Curatoría Forense - Latinoamérica
  Cooperativa de Arte
Biblioteca Popular Julio Tapia (Villa Alegre, Chile)   Reserva Ideologica (São Paulo, Brasil)
Trabajadores de Arte Contemporáneo - Latinoamérica   Legión Extranjera


Programa de Residencias de Arte Contemporáneo 2010 -2016
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México y Uruguay.


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Curatoría Forense - Latinomérica es miembro de RES Artis - Worldwide network of Artist Residencies.

Curatoría Forense - Latinamerica is a proud member of RES Artis - Worldwide network of Artist Residencies.

RES Artis - Worldwide network of Artist Residencies

Curatoría Forense - Latinomérica es miembro coordinador de la Red de Gestiones Autónomas de Arte Contemporáneo - Latinoamérica

Gestión Autónoma de Arte Contemporáneo - Latinoamérica



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Curatoría Forense - Latinoamérica es un grupo de trabajo en arte contemporáneo que desde el año 2005 realiza investigación sobre modelos de trabajo y asociatividad, asesora instituciones y produce exposiciones, encuentros, residencias de arte y colabora con gestiones autónomas locales en Centro y Sudamérica.

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